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New from Author JohnEgreek – The  Signature Book Launch Course you’ve been waiting for. It’s Revolutionizing the Book Launch Industry, titled “Wannabe Author to Bestselling Book Marketeer “

I am so excited about the latest training class I’ve developed just for you that I want to share as much information as possible. It’s a one-stop shop/blueprint on How to Launch or even Re-Launch your book to increase your odds of making it to USA Today and The New York Times Bestseller lists.

I’ve done the research, taken courses along with lots of notes and I am happy to tell you that I am creating the best step-by-step Book Launch Process you will ever see.

Did you know that to just get USA Today and the New York Times to consider your book for their bestseller list that you need to sell between 6000 and 7000 books in a 7 to 10 day stretch of time and after?

How do you do that? Well, I’m here to tell you, I’m going to show you how to increase your odds by increasing your sales, your profits and your exposure. This is going to be the best class I will ever give you. I’ve set all of my Social Media Classes on hold because this is the best tool and most POWERFULL tool I can give to you.

Now that’s not to say I suggest putting Social Media aside. Not at all, because you’re going to need it as a part of the Book launch process. What you’re going to learn from this class:

  • Your Audience

o   Where to get you following

o   How to build an email list empire

o   The Power of Facebook Groups

  • Marketing Avenues

o   Direct Email

o   Facebook

o   Twitter, Instagram and other social media

o   Facebook Ads

o   Other promotion venues

  • The Various ways you might be turning readers off with your

o   Book Title

o   Book Cover

o   Your Book Description

o   Your Sample for the Look Inside on Amazon

o   Book Pricing

o   Front Matter of your book

o   Back Matter

  • How to Build a Structure Book Launch Plan (Step-by-step)

o   A good-looking product

o   How to beat or at a minimum stay up with the Amazon Algorithm

o   Importance of an Author Website

o   Keywords

o   Categories

o   Genre selection

o   Promotion sites – Free and Paid

o   Blogs

o   And more, much more…

This is not all, but just a glimpse of what I plan to show with the step-by-step process I am developing.

I know by now you’re wondering; How much will all of this cost me?

No, not an arm and a leg. However, I’ve invested a great deal of my time and money to put this class together. I will be using this in my next book launch which will happen right after the training class with my latest book for The Mortal Wounds Series® titled The Wizard of Recognition.

Why after the class? Well that answer is quite simple…

It takes a Book Launch Team to be successful and I’m hoping some of you will join my team so you can see the process in action. What better way can you think of to become a believer…

Now here’s the deal. If you sign-up for this awesome training you will not only receive this training class, but as a bonus I will send you my “Readers Only Mailing list” with over 1.5 Million, that’s right 1.5 Million email address of known book readers/purchasers…now don’t ask, because I’m not telling where this list came from because I bought it just for Us…at least not today…contact me at for the specifics.

Who’s in? To register, just me send me an email telling me you’re In and I will send you a PayPal Invoice. Class size is limited to 25 attendees. Next class is November 9th and the next class following will be conducted December 14th.

A few more tidbits of information. Have you been noticing my image posts on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram? I’ve created them using this amazing program called, MockupShots, it’s a one-stop program for creating Social Media images for your Book or other products. You can get this program for a lifetime price of $80.00 by following this link:

Those authors who have bought it, are loving it as much as I am..

For information regarding these classes, Contact John with any questions or for further information at or call (619) 443-1389

Kim Nugent Ed.D., Bestselling and award winning author of five books says: Author JohnEgreek  created a value packed workshop for any author wanting to plan an effective book launch. Don’t try to do it by yourself and learn the hard way as I did. Sign up for the class now. Kim Nugent Ed.D.

Catherine Carrigan, Intuitive Healer, Life coach and #1 Best Selling Author of nine books says: “Just attended a dynamite book marketing seminar led by the inimitable Author JohnEgreek

Yesterday July 27th, 2019. In the audience was my Amazon book marketing genius Denise Fitzgerald Cassino and fellow author Paul Scopel.  John Hodgkinson gave the most comprehensive and up to date information about the state of the art of book marketing that I’ve heard so far. The manual alone was worth the price of admission.”

Pat Rullo, owner of, Author/Speaker/Radio Host providing services for Podcasting, Author Interviews and Master Audio Book Creator/Narrator specialized in ACX requirements said after taking the From Wannabe Author to Book Marketeer Genius Training says:

“I have to say Author JohnEgreek you seriously rocked this training today. I’m so impressed. The training was so professional, well planned, well organized – I can’t say enough. Thank you for the platform to share my work. I so appreciate you. You should consider doing an Overt Outreach Podcast. The work is already done, and you could share your wisdom with the world on how to do a super Book launch. Thank you for all you do. You are very good at presenting. This was fabulous!!!”

Paul Scopel, Award-winning and Best-selling Author, “I second compliments from Catherine Carrigan about Author JohnEgreek class yesterday. I learned so much from John HodgkinsonDenise Fitzgerald Cassino, Pat RulloPat Richter, and Catherine Carrigan. All of these folks are fellow authors with a treasure house of information based on real time experience. I agree with your comments about the value of this course manual. Wow- a lot of hard work went into it and it shows.”


What you can expect to learn and take away from this training:

An Authors Manual will be provided with each training class which will be the platform for Social Media Building with a Step-by-step process outlining everything you will learn regarding Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

As an example regarding Twitter and Facebook Training, you will learn:

  • How to Create a Twitter banner.
  • How to size your banner.
  • How to insert banner in your twitter profile.
  • How to build your Twitter Profile.
  • How & Why it’s important for you to Tweet.
  • Learn the tricks building a strong Twitter following.
  • How to maintain twitter follow to following ratios.

    Social Media Classes for Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are continually being scheduled for 2019.

    For information regarding these classes, Contact John with any questions or for further information at or call (619) 443-1389 or…


    This is going to be an extraordinary adventure.

    Learn how to build social media Author sites that you can be proud of. Send your  message to more people than you ever imagined. These exciting classes will empower you to begin a journey with your marketing adventure beyond writing your book. All this, in less than one day for each training class.