How I Write

Life has it’s way of serving us a bowl of cherries or rotten grapes. With over 70 years of life behind me, it is my intention to use my experiences to open the eyes of the reader and to help them recognize those deeds that seek to hid in the unconscious local in a world that becomes tainted because of their existence. Some might think of me as a healer, but I think of my self as a Recognition Champion. It is my belief that you must first recognize before you can heal.

A Clean Desk

A clean desk is important because it removes the clutter and helps me to think with a clear mind.

Defined Working Times

I have no defined working times. I write when the words of inspiration strike. However, when I do write, I write as fast as I can, for as long as my unconscious mind will allow me.

No Distractions

It’s impossible to say that I write with no distractions. I often have my favorite opera singer belting against the walls or a low melody of moods echoing in the background.

My Writing Tools

My Most Important Writing Tools

Microsoft Word 2016 version from Office 365.

For Writing and Editing

Microsoft Word from Office 365 has all the tools any author would ever need. Preformatting a manuscript or downloading a template for is the best way to start writing my books.


Writing Needs Some Reading

Often times I will use the “Read Aloud” button and play back everything I have written. It’s a great tool for catching a better way to say something or a minute error in word choice.

Pen and Paper

Always Useful, but I can’t read my own handwriting so I type everything. In high school I was typig 125 words per minute with a traditioal typewriter.

But the Unique capibilites of the computer makes writing a book much easier and more enjoyable than doing on a typewriter with paper. It helps to change to the font size, color and style

Creativity is putting your imagination to work, and it has produced the most extraordinary results in human culture.


Main Working Principles

The Most Important Steps To Follow

Write a Lot, as Fast as you can and don’t stop to think!

Use fifteen minute writing intervals. Count up the words and become consistent with how much you write each session

Read A Lot

I constantly dabble in learning more about book marketing and salesmanship.

Spread Your Ideas. Eveyone has a Story to tell!

My books fall into the self-help categories. Both the stories from The Mortal Wounds Series ® and The Wannabe Series