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Coming November 2020, The Wizard Behind the Curtain, The Life Story of a Notorious Criminal
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The Wizard Behind the Curtain

Echoing against the walls of this hallowed structure is the sound of Pat Benatar singing “Hell is for Children.” I have not heard this song for a very long time, and I had no idea what it really meant, until today, as it paints a picture in my mind while I listen.

Within seconds, tears begin to well up in my eyes, as the song takes me back to my childhood. I begin to remember the day my father beat me at three. I quickly wipe away the tears so as not to be seen as a wounded child, by the fair maiden escorting me to my seat. I’m not sure why at this particular moment in time that particular thought comes to mind, but it just did.

A Story About


Emerged in the consciousness of every wounded child a glorious dawn awaits, as the victim battles the likes of a notorious criminal. Only he can see a patch of light hidden behind the darkness of his soul. The Wizard  Mágos appears before the crowd and belts out, “I am Odigos Anagnórisis and I come from the Kingdom of the Wounded Child.


Emerged into the consciousness of most every man, woman and child are the wounds inflicted upon them for generations before them and now it’s their chance to inflict redemption for the deeds of the past and the present so that a magical future can await them all.There is little evidence to the truth, but the truth is the only avenue to set their soul free.


From which we spring, an aventure into the consciousness can bring peach and tranquility to those who dare to find the magic of love.v

Venture into the Kingdom of theWounded Child

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