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“How could a father wish he had died, when he himself was already dead?” ~ Author JohnEgreek

Grandma’s Secret Blessings, A Memoir with a Twist

Grandma's Secret Blessings


Wisdom from the Wounded Healer

Book One of The Mortal Wounds Serie®

Book One from The Mortal Wounds Series ®

The Suicidal Wounded Child

Book Two of The Mortal Wounds Serie®

Book Two from The Mortal Wounds Series ®

Sabiduría del Sanador Herido

 Libro Uno de La serie de heridas mortales®

Sabiduría del Sanador Herido La serie de heridas mortales®

El Niño Herido Suicida

Libro Dos de La serie de heridas mortales®

El Niño Herido Suicida (La serie de heridas mortales®)

Grandma’s Secret Blessings,  A Memoir with a Twist

It all started with Grandma’s Secret Blessings, A Memoir with a Twist, inspired by a granddaughter who I’ve never met. Read this compelling, heart wrenching life story of Author JohnEgreek as he tells the story of his life through the eyes of a little girl and her pseudo family that he meets in a park.

Take a ride with JohnEgreek as he journeys to the Old Country in fulfillment of a childhood promise made to his grandparents, the Patriarch and Matriarch of his family. His travels take him to the former communist country of Albania, once run by a dictator who in 1967 declares their Motherland, Atheist. His grandmother, insightful and deeply spiritual guides him throughout his lifetime as he himself opens to the reality of something higher than himself.What happens along the way is a surreal journey and a deeply rooted experience. Travel with him and his pseudo family, as they discover the avenue to his soul and the recipe to Grandma’s Secret Blessings, bestowed upon him while she is alive and long after she is gone.

Hidden in a document revealed to him sometime after his trip to the Old Country, he finds the key that unlocks the door to his heart. He learns about the hidden ability to “transcend and go beyond.” The journey of his life is at times is a rocky road, as he summons up the courage and the strength to endure life with his father who hates him from the very first day he is born

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The Mortal Wounds Serie®

Wisdom from the Wounded Healer

Book One

Have you ever wondered if each of us really do have a Life Purpose?

Award-Winning and Best-Selling Author JohnEgreek has been asking that very question since he was nine years old. Today at 70 years of age he no longer asks the question. While writing the climax to his first book, “Grandma’s Secret Blessing, A Memoir with a Twist, his life purpose was unveiled.

Shifu Gagan Sarkaria, during a life-map reading says, “John, you realize you have lived this horrible life, filled with hate, anger, guilt, fear and sorrow with a father who has hated you since the very first day you were born. Even though he still hates you today, it had to be so that you could discover your real purpose in life.

Two weeks after her words, Astrologer Cindy Roggeman tells him, “Your natal chart reveals that you were born in the House of Chiron, home of the Wounded Healer.”

Soon after healing 31 wounded children buried deep within his psyche, he awakes one morning with a message from the Divine. This is when he learns that he is to write The Mortal Wounds Series®

Most of the world would raise doubt that this is a calling, but Author JohnEgreek has put the Law of Action to work. Wisdom from the Wounded Healer is Book One of the The Mortal Wounds Series®.

As a Wounded Healer the author takes on the cherished, yet divine role to bring these stories to life. With guidance from the Divine, it is his intention that Readers and Wounded Children around the globe will come to recognize, that they too have or have had a Wounded Child hidden deep within their psyche.

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The Suicidal Wounded Child

Book Two

Have you ever contemplated Suicide? Author JohnEgreek encounters a synchronistic encourter with a woman he did not know, during an airplane trip from Honolulu Hawaii to Los Angeles International Airport.

After attending a retreat in Kuai, orchestrated by renown author, Sonia Choquette. On the last day of the retreat,  he is convinced by two members of the event staff to let them paint his toenails. Daring as he is, his reluctance and their perservernce won out. He chooses the color Indigo Blue.

The following morning, he has a decision to make. Does he wear shoes to or does he wear sandals? He makes a bold decision to wear sandles. After leaving the Hotel, while heading to the airport his shuttle falls victim to a cloudbank. He makes it into the airport just as they are announcing the fiight to Honolulu would be delayed due to the fog .

Once the fog lifts, he boards the plane to Honolulu assured that if he misses his connecting flight to Los Angelos, he would be placed on standby for the next available flight. Sure enough, when he arrives in Honolulu the connecting flight had departed. He, along with most of the other passengers from Kuai are given standby numbers. While standing in line, the woman in front of him is hitting on this guy in front of her. They were flirting and he found it quite amusing to watch. Funny thing, that guy could have been him had he been a few years younger.

Nearly an hour passes when  the announcement is made that all of the standby passengers would be boarding the plane. When it came time to board, the attendents handed each person a boarding pass with an assugned seat number. Everyone is instructed to take their assigned seat. number. He usually prefers a window seat, however on this occasion he is assigned to the isle seat. The flirtacious woman in front of him is assigned to the window seat.

She isn’t wasn’t thrilled by the seating arrangement because she wanted to be sitting with the guy she was flirting with. So, she went four rows towards the front where he was sitting hoping to convince the person sitting with him to change seats with her. The person said “no.”

Then the annoouncement came asking everyone to take their seats and to fasten their seatbelts. As she returns to her assigned seat, while crossing in front of him, she spots the Indigo Blue toenails and says, “What’s up with the blue toenails?”

Once the plane is airborne, she asks again about the toenails. He tells her  about the retreat in Kuai, along with telling her stories about the past eight years of his life. He shares stories about multiple syncronistic events he encountered while in the process of healing his soul, as he put it.

During the course of their conversation, he discovers that she has a multitude of Wounded Children residing within her psyche, one of which is picking up on men. Half way across the ocean, she stops him while in the middle of another story and says, “I have something I’d like to share with you.”

Then she leans close to him and says, “I picked this guy up at a bar last night and took him to my room where we had joyous evening of sex. Soon after he leaves, I make my way to the ice machine down the hall. As I’m walking back to my room, the man I had just spent time with walks out of another room, arm in arm with his wife.”

She goes on to say,  “When I got back into my room, I cried profusely. I was sick to my stomach because this has happened to me on multiple occasions over the past twenty-five years. I keep making the same mistake over and over. I reached into my purse and pulled out my gun and held to my head. Before I could pull the trigger, I felt a hand grasp my hand and a voice whispers in my ear, “Do NOT pull this trigger. An angel will  come to you with information and answers you need to hear.”

Then she tells him, “I believe you are that angel.”

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If you have thoughts of suicide, please call the National Suicide Hot Line 800-273-8255 or visit their website National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Sabiduría del Sanador Herido

Libra Uno Las Heridas Mortales Serie®

¿Alguna vez te has preguntado si cada uno de nosotros realmente tiene un propósito de vida?

El galardonado y best-seller JohnEgreek se ha estado haciendo esa misma pregunta desde que tenía nueve años. Hoy a los 70 años ya no hace la pregunta. Mientras escribía el clímax de su primer libro, “La bendición secreta de la abuela, una memoria con un giro”, se reveló el propósito de su vida.

Shifu Gagan Sarkaria, durante una lectura del mapa de la vida, dice: “John, te das cuenta de que has vivido esta vida horrible, llena de odio, ira, culpa, miedo y dolor con un padre que te ha odiado desde el primer día en que naciste”. . A pesar de que todavía te odia hoy, tenía que ser para que pudieras descubrir tu verdadero propósito en la vida.

Dos semanas después de sus palabras, la astróloga Cindy Roggeman le dice: “Tu carta natal revela que naciste en la Casa de Quirón, hogar del Sanador Herido”.

Poco después de curar a 31 niños heridos enterrados profundamente en su psique, se despierta una mañana con un mensaje de la Divinidad. Aquí es cuando se entera de que debe escribir The Mortal Wounds Series®

La mayor parte del mundo dudaría de que se trata de un llamado, pero el autor JohnEgreek ha puesto en práctica la Ley de Acción. La sabiduría del sanador herido es el libro uno de The Mortal Wounds Series®.

Como sanador herido, el autor asume el papel preciado pero divino de dar vida a estas historias. Con la guía de la Divinidad, es su intención que los Lectores y Niños Heridos de todo el mundo lleguen a reconocer que ellos también tienen o han tenido un Niño Herido escondido en lo profundo de su psique.

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El Niño Herido Suicida

Libro Dos de La serie de heridas mortales®

¿Alguna vez has contemplado el suicidio? El autor JohnEgreek encuentra un encuentro sincrónico con una mujer que no conocía, durante un viaje en avión desde Honolulu, Hawái, al Aeropuerto Internacional de Los Ángeles.

Después de asistir a un retiro en Kuai, orquestado por la reconocida autora, Sonia Choquette. El último día del retiro, dos miembros del personal del evento lo convencen de que les deje pintar las uñas de los pies. Audaz como es, su desgana y perseverancia triunfaron. Elige el color Azul índigo.

A la mañana siguiente, tiene que tomar una decisión. ¿Usa zapatos o sandalias? Toma una decisión audaz de usar sandalias. Después de salir del hotel, mientras se dirigía al aeropuerto, su lanzadera cae víctima de un banco de nubes. Llega al aeropuerto justo cuando anuncian que el vuelo a Honolulu se retrasará debido a la niebla.

Una vez que se levanta la niebla, aborda el avión a Honolulu y le asegura que si pierde su vuelo de conexión a Los Ángeles, lo pondrán en espera para el próximo vuelo disponible. Efectivamente, cuando llega a Honolulu, el vuelo de conexión había partido. Él, junto con la mayoría de los otros pasajeros de Kuai, reciben números de reserva. Mientras está de pie en la fila, la mujer frente a él está coqueteando con este tipo frente a ella. Estaban coqueteando y le resultó bastante divertido verlos. Lo curioso es que ese tipo podría haber sido él si hubiera sido unos años más joven.

Pasa casi una hora cuando se anuncia que todos los pasajeros en espera abordarían el avión. Cuando llegó el momento de abordar, los asistentes entregaron a cada persona una tarjeta de embarque con un número de asiento asignado. A todos se les indica que tomen su asiento asignado. número. Por lo general, prefiere un asiento junto a la ventana, sin embargo, en esta ocasión se le asigna el asiento de la isla. La mujer coqueta frente a él está asignada al asiento de la ventana.

No estaba encantada con la disposición de los asientos porque quería estar sentada con el chico con el que estaba coqueteando. Entonces, fue cuatro filas hacia el frente donde estaba sentado con la esperanza de convencer a la persona sentada con él de que cambiara de asiento con ella. La persona dijo “no”.

Luego llegó el reclamo pidiendo a todos que tomaran asiento y se abrocharan los cinturones de seguridad. Cuando regresa a su asiento asignado, mientras se cruza frente a él, ve las uñas de los pies azul índigo y dice: “¿Qué pasa con las uñas azules?”

Una vez que el avión despega, vuelve a preguntar por las uñas de los pies. Él le cuenta sobre el retiro en Kuai, además de contarle historias sobre los últimos ocho años de su vida. Él comparte historias sobre múltiples eventos sincrónicos que encontró mientras estaba en el proceso de curar su alma, como él dijo.

Durante el curso de su conversación, descubre que ella tiene una multitud de Niños Heridos que residen dentro de su psique, uno de los cuales está captando a los hombres. A mitad de camino al otro lado del océano, ella lo detiene mientras está en medio de otra historia y dice: “Tengo algo que me gustaría compartir contigo”.

Luego se inclina hacia él y dice: “Anoche recogí a este tipo en un bar y lo llevé a mi habitación donde tuvimos una feliz noche de sexo. Poco después de que él se vaya, me dirijo a la máquina de hielo al final del pasillo. . Mientras camino de regreso a mi habitación, el hombre con el que acababa de pasar un tiempo sale de otra habitación, del brazo de su esposa “.

Ella continúa diciendo: “Cuando volví a mi habitación, lloré profusamente. Me dolía el estómago porque esto me ha sucedido en múltiples ocasiones durante los últimos veinticinco años. Sigo cometiendo el mismo error una y otra vez. Metí la mano en mi bolso, saqué mi arma y la sostuve contra mi cabeza. Antes de que pudiera apretar el gatillo, sentí una mano agarrar mi mano y una voz susurró en mi oído: “NO aprietes este gatillo. Un ángel vendrá a ti con la información y las respuestas que necesitas escuchar “.

Luego ella le dice: “Creo que eres ese ángel”.

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Si tiene pensamientos suicidas, llame a la Línea Directa Nacional de Suicidio 800-273-8255 o visite su sitio web Línea Nacional de Prevención del Suicidio.