Author JohnEgreek (Yianni) aka John E Hodgkinson 


Inspiring Novelist, Award-Winning Author, Book Publishing Entrepreneur and a Book Marketing Wizard


John has worked as a Project Coordinator and a Project Manager in both the Book Publishing arena and surprising to many, in Nuclear Power. His love for people and what they can accomplish is what makes him a great coach, a great mentor and someone who goes the extra mile to make sure the authors he works with have success.


The Literary Titan review of Grandma’s Secret Blessings, A Memoir with a Twist captures the heart of who John (Greek name Yianni)  is and gives his book a 5-Star Rating.


“There exists an entire demographic of readers who will relate to Yianni’s description of his childhood. The abuse and unrelenting savagery with which his father throws his way from a tender age is unbelievably horrific. To find that Yianni is able to grow, thrive, and find a way to cope with his past is truly amazing. His story gives readers hope and provides them with a virtual shoulder on which to lean as they battle their own childhood demons.”


Awards And Nominations


2017 – Number 1 Bestselling Author – Amazon – Grandma’s Secret Blessings, A Memoir with a Twist

February 2018 – The Literary Titan Silver Award Recipient – Grandma’s Secret Blessings, A Memoir with a Twist

2019 – January  – 3rd Place Finisher – AllAuthor Book Cover – The Suicidal Wounded Child


Featured Books

Grandma's Secret Blessings

Book One from The Mortal Wounds Series ®

Book Two from The Mortal Wounds Series ®


Coming November 2020, The Wizard Behind the Curtain, The Life Story of a Notorious Criminal



Enjoys writing his books related to the The Mortal Wounds Series® and his signature Book Launch series Wannabe Author to Bestselling Author Marketeer. His latest passion is using the power of Video and writing his Blogs to make himself known in the book writing world, as well along with  promoting his work.


He’s a big fan of Author John Grisham and Author Sonia Choquette who was instrumental in opening his heart and inspiring him to write.


Played High School and College Tennis, as well as played adult and senior tournaments for for over 32 years.


Ran Cross-Country in High School and ran multiple 10K races during his 20’s and late 30’s. 

His Physical Composition

He was in good physical shape for the better part of his first 45 years of life, until a surgery sidelined him. At that point for the next 34 years he gained over 159 lbs reaching a maximum weight of 346 pounds, until one day his  doctor declares  that he is obese. This comment hits home with him. In January 2019, he decides it’s high time to do something about it.

Using the philosphy “Move More and Eat Less,”  he begin the process of releasing weight and starts writing a future book to be published, titled The Obese Wounded Child. He has come to recognize, not only is it important to release the weight, but it’s also important to get to the root of the weight gain issues while understanding what in the past occurred to manifest the weight gan and the current thought patterns are while releasing the weight. It’s not a diet that he’s on, because he’s come to recognize, take the “t” out of the word diet and what does it spell. As he calls it, it’s not a diet, it’s life changing moment

Watch for the release of this book in 2021 as he’s already released a Whopping 81 pounds with a goal weight expectation of 175 pounds.

By now you’ve most likely recognize the words that he use the words,  release the weight rather than lose the weight.  Why you might be wondering. Well, when you release something, what do you do? You Let it go…When you lose something, what do you…You look for it so you can get it back.

His Mental Composition

The best way to explain his mental composition is the words can’t or won’t do not exist in his thoughts. If you challenge him to complete a project with a specific timeline, he overdelivers with quality content.


The best way to describe his spiritual mentality is that he believes deeply in the Divine and that Jesus is the Son of God, just like everyone in the world are his Son’s and Daughters. He believes Jesus is the Master of all Masters, along with other great masters such as Paramahansa Yogananda, Budda, and the Dali Lama. To walk in their shoes will take many lifetimes. But the most important words that Jesus gave to the world,  “You can do as much as me, and more.”

His mother’s maiden name, Meta, which means  “Transcend and Go Beyond,”  is just one of the many blessings bestowed upon him from his grandparents. These word have become his mantra and everything he does and everything he writes is indicative of the way he has come to view and live his life.


Guest Appearance

On the shelf at Barnes and Noble – Book Signing Event